Who we are

Powerline360 LLC company is an organization that promotes safe and efficient use of electric power. It has highly qualified personnel in the exploitation of electrical systems. Its engineers and technicians have more than 30 years of experience in specialized jobs in energized lines, energized substations, underground cables, substations, electrical protections and transformation chambers.

We transform your vision in professionals results


Provide customers with excellent, advanced and fast solutions in energy systems. We offer courses of work in facilities, energized and de-energized lines at different voltage levels. In addition, we provide courses on industrial safety, protections, substations, underground installations and transformation chambers.


To be an organization of reference in the safety and efficient exploitation of electrical power systems, and realization of specialized consultancies in different branches of electricity. Be leaders in the training of linemen and operators that work in energized or de-energized facilities; as well as training of specialists that guarantee the safety of personnel and systems.


  • Safety. Our main competitive advantage. “Depend on security, not luck”
  • Efficiency. Reliability of the service as maintenance criteria.
  • Professional competence. The instructors are updated with the growing advances in electricity field, and have more than 30 years of work experience with successful professional careers.
  • Continuous training. Instructors trained and prepared in the educational processes. A company that teaches and learns.





Our professional experience is guaranteed for:

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