Consulting Services

we are profesionals

Powerline360 LLC offers our professional technicians to companies that want to improve some technical activities or process inside different areas. Our professionals can work together with any team for helping to get company goals.

Energized works

  • Work on voltage conversion.
  •  Work on line maintenance.
  •  Supervision of energized works.

Industrial Safety

  •  Advice on industrial safety issues.
  •  Accident investigation.
  •  Creation of strategic plans to reduce accidents.
  •  Risk management in work on airlines.
  •  Prevention and extinction of fires.


  • Modernization of protections.
  •  Assembly of the panels (pulling wires, wiring the panels, etc).
  • Assembly of the disconnects, TC, TP and switches.

 Underground systems

  • Underground lines.
  • Connections of underground lines, terminals, terminations and connectors.
  • Camera projects and underground lines.
  • Efficient explotation of cables.
  • Underground accessories.
  • Underground cables.
  • Medium voltage cells.
  • Mini Substations.
  • Dry and oil distribution transformers


  • In the assembly of power transformers, battery banks and rectifiers.
  •  In the assembly of TC, TP (and its primary and secondary tests), switches, disconnects and cells.
  •  In the assembly of switches.
  •  In the modernization of substations.
  •  In the maintenance of transformers, either partial or capital, this includes tests of all kinds.

a)-Active parts and insulating parts (bushing, oil).
c)-Change tap and cooling.
d)- As well as online monitoring and diagnosis a useful tool to help operators manage their assets and make decisions about continuous operation, maintenance or replacement.

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